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We offer a large selection of luxury yachts for sale from  25 m to 50 m in the mediterranean and middle east and thanks to our extensive network with shipyards and marinas we have access to many more, including some that are not advertised for sale on the web.

Luxury Yachts for sale



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Luxury yachts cater for all purposes, measuring from 26m to over 50m + there are motor yachts such as Azimuts, Benettis and Sunseekers, to name but a few,that can island hop in no time or sailing yachts such as Oysters, Hoeks and Swanns, that allow you to enjoy the passage as well as the destination, nothing beats a more gentle cruise along the coast.  There is something for everyone. We offer a range of displacement and semi-displacement luxury motor yachts, as well as a variety of sloop and ketch rigged sailing luxury yachts for sale. If you know what your looking for please go direct to the page filter and enter  the shipyard or designer.



Our brokers are the experts who can guide you through our many of yachts to choose from. We have an advantage over other brokers as we living and operating throughout the mediterranean and the Gulf. This means that not only we speak the language but we have all the necessary contacts to ensure a smooth purchase and complete yacht maintenance if you should desire it. To have an initial idea you can use our state of the art  search filter to personilise your search, using such criterion as price, length, number of guests, the year of construction, designer and shipyard. We can automatically convert the currency that you wish to purchase with.


In general, yachts that are at least 80 feet in length or larger can be considered luxury yachts. To qualify as a superyacht or megayacht, many yachting professionals say the yacht must be at least 148 feet in length, and that can still be considered small. Another key quality of luxury yachts is, of course, the element of luxury. The ship must meet specific criteria and have spacious cabins, dining room, and state room, usually equipped with state of the art sound and media systems, complete well-equipped galley, and similar features.

In short, the two factors that must be in place in order for a yacht to be classified as a luxury yacht are the right size, and the right amenities and interior features.

Find  LUXURY YACHTS for sale by maker

If  you’re considering buying a luxury yacht, look no further than the make of the boat, to know whether it is a quality yacht. If one of the top five builders in the world constructed it, you can be sure it is a good buy and meets all safety standards, and will handle smoothly and efficiently wherever the destination. I have made a list of the top five constructors that have been in business for many years and have a good reputation in the yachting industry. Here is a short list of my preferred Shipyards.

  • Blohm and Voss Shipyards: This German company has built some of the world’s largest luxury and superyachts, such as the Dubai and Eclipse. The company has been building quality ships since 1877.
  • Christensen Shipyards: One of the few top yacht builders located in the United States (Vancouver, Washington), Christensen has built yachts for the rich and famous, including Tiger Woods.
  • Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards: In business since 1949, this luxury yacht builder located in Holland has become known as the premier yacht builder in the world. In fact, Feadship puts so much thought and quality into its yachts it only builds five of them each year.
  • Oceanco: Oceanco is a new company by yachting standards, having been founded in 1990. It is based in Holland and offers its clients the opportunity to be part of the process from start to finish. Well-known yachts Oceanco has built include the Indian Empress and the Anastasia.
  • Lurssen: Lurssen, headquartered in Germany and founded as early as 1875, builds custom luxury yachts for its clientele. Over the years it has built some of the largest yachts or superyachts on the seas, including the Octopus (see the Owners and Operators section below) and the Al Said.
  • Benetti  Italian excellence since 1873.
  • From the imagined to the tangible, Benetti presents an inimitable reverie that has been able to charm the celebrity elite worldwide. The portrait of Prince Rainier III with Grace Kelly on the Benetti Gabbiano in the bay of Monte Carlo remains iconic. Not forgetting the notes of Queen’s song titled Khashoggi ’s Ship, voicing Freddy Mercury’s experience on board M/Y Nabila, the most famous yacht of her time
Some luxury yachts for sale in the Gulf